Caring for Aging Parents

If your days are filled with managing a home, parenting, working, caring for aging parents, and trying to squeeze in time for yourself while looking after other relationships, welcome to the sandwich generation! Comprised of those ages 35 – 54 who are “sandwiched” between meeting the needs of children at home or in college and caring for aging parents, it won’t come as a surprise to you that this segment of the population is facing higher amounts of stress than any other, with approximately 40% reporting severe degrees of stress.

Katherine Nordal, PhD, executive director for professional practice, American Psychological Association, says, “It’s not surprising that so many people in that age group are experiencing stress. The worry of your parents’ health, and your children’s well-being as well as the financial concern of putting kids through college and saving for your own retirement is a lot to handle.”

It’s essential to make a plan to minimize stress levels, as long-term stress may cause heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and other significant health risks. In addition to that, stress can carry over and impact the loved ones you are working so hard to care for.

Abby Senior Care suggests the following helpful hints to decrease stress and discover a healthier life balance:

  • Know your triggers. What is it that tips the scale for you from busy to overburdened? Do your feelings of stress stem from financial concerns, relationships with your parents or children, issues at your workplace, feeling out of control?
  • Note the way you react to those triggers. As soon as you’ve recognized the root cause(s) behind your elevated stress, take an honest assessment of the way you respond. Do you lose patience with your family members? Have a problem with falling/staying asleep, or following a balanced diet? Turn to detrimental coping mechanisms, such as drinking or smoking?
  • Make self-care a top priority. You give so much of yourself to care for your loved ones; make taking care of yourself just as important. You are only able to offer the best care when your own needs are met. Set aside designated time to relax, take part in enjoyable activities and hobbies, spend time with friends, work out, etc. Your time away needs to be a high priority, and to happen on a regular basis – if at all possible, each and every day.

If you are wondering how you can possibly carve out time for yourself with all of the other commitments you’re managing, we can help! Abby Senior Care is always available to provide trusted, experienced in-home respite care services – as much or as little as needed – to allow family caregivers peace of mind in knowing their older family members will be well cared for as they take necessary time to step away.

Our thoroughly trained and experienced senior caregivers are ready and waiting to help you lower your stress level to find an improved quality of life, both for yourself and people you love. Reach out to us at 303-699-8840 to set up a free in-home consultation and to learn more about our top-rated senior companion care in Denver, CO and the surrounding communities.